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Like a Closer Looks at Titanium Iodizing Line?
Free Titanium Anodize Classes
by Mark Emilio
Have a Closer Look at a Titanium Anodizing Line Though a picture may be worth a thousand words, a video could be even better. We decided to put together a couple of quick videos to give potential customers a better idea of what our titanium anodizing lines are all about plus how far from rocket science …

Thinking of buying equipment for your company? This FREE class is designed for the manager or owner who wants to learn about putting in an anodizing system. A quick study of 7 anodize lessons sent to your e-mail daily.
Regulatory Agencies and Permits
by Mark Emilio
There are two big questions that potential customers are usually very leery of when considering purchasing and installing a titanium anodizing line- The first is whether the learning curve is such that they can really learn to do it, quickly, reliably and repeatably. We have several articles on this subject and we have yet to …

AMS 2488 Type II Titanium Anodizing
by Mark Emilio
Type II Titanium Anodizing There is a lot of interest regarding Type II Titanium Anodizing (per AMS 2488D) and we get a lot of repeated questions as a result. Will the IPEC Console-style titanium anodizing lines work for either color anodizing or Type II? The short answer to this is yes, but because the process time and DC current …

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How to Anodize Titanium
by Mark Emilio
How to Anodize Titanium We are often asked for a general description of the process steps to define “how to anodize titanium.” Here is an overview of what a typical industrial titanium anodizing line would involve. Note that we are assuming the parts have already been thoroughly cleaned and either rack-mounted or placed in an appropriate …

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Ti Anodize Equip – ROI?
by Mark Emilio
Titanium Anodizing Equipment The decision of whether or not to purchase titanium anodizing equipment for surgical implants is a call every manufacturer of titanium devices will need to make at some time – and in most cases the decision will be yes! Simply put, it is the opinion of this author that Titanium Anodizing offers some of the fastest …

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Ti Anodize – PayBack Time!

Do your own Titanium Anodizing! Stop wasting money on Outsourcing and take control with your own Titanium Anodizing machine. In this installment we will demonstrate the profits and benefits that can be yours when you install a Ti Anodize system in your company. The Case for In-House Titanium Anodizing: “Exhibit A” Outsourcing Is Only a Temporary Solution. The cost to outsource titanium anodizing …

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Like a Closer Look at a Titanium Anodizing Line?
Titanium Anodizing – Surgical Implants
Regulatory Agencies and Permits
Surgical Implants – Titanium Anodizing One of the more recent uses of metal finishing in the past 30 years involves titanium anodizing of surgical implants used in reconstructive surgery of bone and skeletal injuries. The use of titanium for surgical implants has many advantages over other metals. Titanium is a very light yet a very hard …

Aluminum and Titanium Anodizing
Equipment – Can we use one line for both?
AMS 2488 Type II Titanium Anodizing
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